I loved the product! It relaxed me without sacrificing my clarity of mind, which is exactly what I wanted. I shared with friends who also enjoyed it. Who doesn’t need to relax a little bit right now? I just baked the last of it into my brownies so I will reorder again soon. 

Talked to guy working there on the phone, wasn’t sure how operational they were with the pandemic going on and I hadn’t gotten a notification of whether or not it shipped, it had only been couple days. He was super nice and helpful, remember my order, told me it was in the mail and that if it didn’t arrive by the weekend to call the shop. Arrived when he said, the end.

I’ve never had a bad experience or negative purchase. Everything about them is professional. I’m very happy that I use their products and will continue to recommend others.

Great product, accurate dose to label, good price. I always take before bed.

Loooooooove their CBD bath bombs!! Other brands really don’t compare.

Very knowledgeable and helpful. A very trustworthy company that I would recommend to anyone looking for consistency and quality.