When it comes to choosing the best hemp oil pet products, the best thing to do is your own research. There are several things to consider when it comes to the oil, from the source of the flower, to the process, it’s created and even how it’s stored. Many companies do third-party testing that allows you to see the results as a consumer. Once you’ve found the best product for your pet, you can start using them to help give your pet some relief and comfort for some of these different health issues.

Help Treat Different Kinds of Anxiety

Whether your pet is suffering from separation anxiety or some other kind of general anxiety there’s the chance hemp can help soothe their anxiety. There are a few ways your pet can consume hemp from treats to oil droplets. Each pet is different and may or may not tolerate the taste, so there are options available to help disguise it in food or a treat. The properties of hemp can help your pet’s body relax without the buzz, which is the safest and humane way to help them treat this issue. Its ability to help calm the body is what makes this useful in treating your dog’s anxiety.

Treat Pain, Arthritis and Inflammation

The amazing thing about hemp is its anti-inflammatory properties which can help treat chronic pain or arthritis. Hemp can help reduce arthritis pain in your dog, and while the FDA has not yet approved a veterinary drug that can help treat arthritis in dogs there have been examples of the effectiveness of it in reducing inflammation. Some dogs have shown improved mobility with their osteoarthritis after taking a few milligrams of hemp twice daily. It also helps them sleep without many side effects, so it’s a great option to use to help provide some comfort and relief when they need to rest.

Help Treats Seizures and Epilepsy

One of the amazing health discoveries of hemp is its power in treating epilepsy and other conditions that cause seizures. Since this new revelation scientists believe that it also may be effective in treating epilepsy in dogs, along with other neurological issues. More research needs to be done, but one study showed a reduction in seizures in dogs that had taken hemp versus ones that did not. That is promising enough of a result that more money will be invested into research regarding the effectiveness of treating dogs with hemp for epilepsy and other health issues that can cause seizures.

An increasing amount of research is being done on the use of hemp oil in pets and humans for health reasons. The industry has exploded as we continue to learn more and we’ll only be seeing more innovations and products in the years to come. If you think hemp could help your pet with some of these health issues or any others that arise, check in with your vet to get their advice and see what options you may have.